Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walk In My Shoes

Day 2 Blog Journal
A Day In My Life...

6:20 Hubby wakes me up with a cup of coffee

6:30 Hubby tickles my feet cause I fell back asleep

6:40 I finally climb out of bed and make a new cup of coffee cause mine is cold now

6:45 wake up Mr Blue Belt for school

7:15 put him on the bus

7:16 put up laundry I did the night before
and prepare for my day

8:30 the little general wakes up and we eat breakfast,
brush teeth, get dressed, etc.

9:30 Chill time, cartoons, playing, etc.

10:30 On Tuesdays we go to story time at our library

11:30 Lunch time

12:30 chores and pick up from the morning

1:30 naptime for the little general while I work on orders, and watch General Hospital ;)

3:50 Mr Blue Belt comes home from school, he eats a snack and starts on homework.

4:30 On Monday and Wednesdays he goes to martial arts, if not we usually have baseball games or practice close to this time

6:30 If its Wednesday we go to AWANAS at church, other days, we play outside and pet the

7:00 Dinner, then bath

8:00 Lights out! Mr Blue Belt and The Little General lay in their beds with a movie after
reading a book. The hubby and I take turns laying with them.

9:00 T.V. off and I pass out in my bed!

Love my Life!!


  1. You sound busy! :-) Thanks for visiting Ramblings & More! :-)

  2. Sounds like a great day!!

  3. hehe love the coffee thing, sounds like my house.

  4. Oh wow - very busy days! I am doing this project, too! It was nice to read more about you.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your day.
    I like that your kids watch a movie falling asleep it makes me feel okay that I do that too. (and the laying with them).
    This is my first visit. Do you use nicknames to protect the kids? I have been thinking about that.

  6. Thank you for all the sweet comments.
    Mommy Melback: In one of my first posts I explained where the name for my blog came from.. my daughter Evelyn "Evvy" Grace. So I did tell part of her name, but I dont think any one other than friends has read that post, until now. ;) But yes, I do it to protect them, and because I think it is more personable than their name. It gives a little sight into their personality.
    And about the sleeping thing... Our son had night terrors when he was very young and has always slept with us. Until about November of last year. None of us were sleeping and he was tired in school. So we lay with him for 1 hr and at 9 the t.v. is off and we are all in our own beds whether he is asleep or not. Our daughter has always slept in our own bed, but is a little jealous of the special attention he gets, so we do the same with her. Besides, its the only time we get to just lay down and have one on one time. We talk about our day..our favorites and our least favorites, and we say our prayers and what we are thankful for. It works for us!

  7. I agree with purplepolkadots. I usually have to reheat my coffee 3 times before I get a full cup. : D

  8. I wonder if the coffee scenario will be me? Quite possibly! Cute post! And thanks for the comment =)

  9. Hi. I'm enjoying checking out your blog...and today's post. I've become a follower and look forward to reading more. Hope you'll do the same.

  10. Lovely to be woken by a cuppa - even if it gets cold!

    Wow - long day for your son from when he gets the bus til he gets home. What are his actual school hours? How far away is it?

  11. Yes! its a long day for the little guy! We live about 3 miles from the school and he is picked up on the way. School starts at 8:00 but he gets there about 7:30 and eats breakfast... (completely his choice) and he gets home about 3:50. The first few weeks of school were so hard, then he just really adapted. I wish I had an oz of his energy! lol