Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 cheers for new friends and new adventures!

.....and after sharing this next pic they may come together to hide my body...

These are my amazing friends! We were celebrating our good friend Michelle's 40th birthday...she's the one in the middle in that 80's fabulous purple prom dress.. {sorry Michelle for calling you out!} We spent ALOT of time teasing, curling, and spraying our hair...then crashed went to a local dance club where we bribed asked the DJ to play awesome 80's hits! I wish I could say this is the first time we have acted completely ridiculous..but..I cant! Between us we have 29 kids and to get us all together at one time is quite a project!

Thankfully you can never have enough friends because I met these great ladies the other night!

It was a plan masterminded by the great Mandie!She has amazing visions of a Houston area womens group and brought all of us ladies together under one roof. We are all crafty in our own way and together we want to make a difference, while having fun!

Get your WIG on! {AKA... Women's Inspired Guild}

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

School's Out! School's Out! The teachers let the fools out!!!
Im sure there will be alot of similar chants like these sung through out the next few days....the same chants we sang when we were kids.
I think I am as excited as the kids! I LOVE summer!! and I am so thankful that today is the last day of school for us. Sleepovers, swimming til the stars come out, beaches, vacation to Colorado, sleeping in til 10 am, vacation bible school, and public library summer reading programs...these are all the things I am so excited about, and thankful to, be indulging in this summer. Today, we will be getting Mr Blue Belts summer hair cut...a mohawk...which has been tradition since he was 4, and since he loves his martial arts this cut is perfect on him! He has been begging me for about a month but the school nazis rules wont allow it. {along with a million other stupid rules they enforce, but I'll save that for flip-off Fridays! hee hee}.
Anywho! I'm so excited about upcoming events! Lots going on in the world of Fall Into Grace! Wish me luck! and have a Very ~ Thankful ~ Thursday!