Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Fear is excitement without breath"

Someone wrote on facebook this morning... "I love random acts of kindess".

Isn't that sweet? I didn't inquire as to whether she was the recipient or the giver.. but I know this person well and am assuming the latter is probably true. Who doesn't right?

Bear with me while I tell you a little story. I went on a ladies retreat this past weekend at Camp Tejas in Giddings, Texas. (like that little plug there?) On Saturday we were given some time to venture out.. so my bestie and I went down the zip line to prove our braveness!! See me there?? On the left?? The one who looks ready to just jump right off?

That's Brandy on the right. The one leaning back on her rope like a stubborn mule. Notice the young tight tushie in the middle? He was very amused by my friends resistence to fun.. o.k. maybe that's an exaggeration.. she is alot of fun! Just when it's.. well.. you know, on ground level.

I bet you think this is the fear Im talking about in my title.. nope. Let's continue..

You see.. after many attempts to convince my friend it's safe.. she backed out and I dove right off that baby!! Well... she did end up doing it, later... and I am so proud of her.
A lady, who noticed her bravery, surprised her with a card she got from the gift shop to put in her wallet with a special saying about fear. She presented it to her much later, when this adventure was behind us, with a hug and a comment about her bravery. Such a small token... but appreciated in a huge way.

A friend of mine lost her dog yesterday. I wont go into details, but he passed away far too soon. She got him when she was in college and he was 11 years old when he passed. Tough stuff!! So I decided to "pay it forward". She's had this mirror she's been wanting me to refinish and I am going to paint it for her, for free. So I called her up, offered my condolences, and told her I was coming to get it right now. We visited and she reminisced... it was nice.

So I challenge you... pay it forward! Make someone smile, do a "random act of kindness". It's the little things that really mean so much..

o.k. my fear!! I made a big jump! (pun intended). One Ive been thinking about for a long time. I added a "for sale" tab to my website.. a.k.a. Im not just doing makeovers anymore. I am now offering custom pieces by me for you to purchase! and these aren't just pieces I paint and put up for sale.. I give you the chance to see them first (while they are still "ugly") and decide what color you want them!! please view example 1:and example 2:

that's not the scariest part. I knew simply adding this tab wouldn't bring everyone in... I had to advertise.

So I have started a contest on my facebook page to see who could bring me the most "friends" and that person would win 50% off a makeover or $50 in Fall Into Grace credit towards a new purchase. So I typed the status and held my breath as I hit submit.

I was so scared absolutely no one would join and I would be so embarrassed, that would mean failure and I should just toss my paint brush in the trash and just quit!! (ok, ok, Im being a bit of a drama queen! But failure is scary stuff!!

I was wrong... I now have 12 new friends and about 400 waiting on responses!!!!! Contest ends Sunday so I will update ya'll on how it goes!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The One and Only Day I Stripped!

Oh... get your head out of the gutter. Im a lady! ;)

but I did try my hand at stripping once...AND ONLY ONCE!!!!!


Not pretty is it?

but it's my own fault really...

My bestie Kaci text me a pic one day of this great chester that would go perfect in the new hallway in her new addition.

Can you refinish it? Is it worth it? Should I get it?

SURE! Looks great! Simple lines, a coat of paint, no biggie!!

geez louise!!! I'm from the south ya'll.. we talk like that)


I slapped some 50 grit paper on my handy mandy sander and went to work... and the pads kept gumming up.. (I swear the previous owner put a coat of gorilla glue on here just for cracks! )

So I decided to try stripping.. 1st coat....

Coat # ummm.. well.. the entire jug later.. we're almost there, right?

two days of scraping later..... I think I see wood somewhere under that funky junk.and the big reveal... (drum roll please!)

Can you believe this beautiful chest was underneath all of that???

Was all that work worth it?? oh yah baby!

So here it is... happy as a lark... in it's beautiful new home.

every beauty deserves a close up!!!
We chose a beautiful seafoamish, blue-ish, green-ish for the exterior and cream for the drawer fronts. Glazed and distressed to perfection! love her!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ah - Ah - Ahchooey!

Be warned!

If you are grossed out by mucous... do not continue!!

The flu invaded our home last week and seems to have taken up permanent residence.

It all started with my little man on his first trip in a long time to grandma's.

He had to come home early for some necessary tlc. A few days later my baby girl got sick.
I knew I was doomed the second she sneezed directly in my face....

So they are all better and I am still recovering.... ((yes, I have my pouty face on))

So what have I been up to?? Well... thanks for asking!!!

I have been building my furniture bizz.. which has been buzzing and

preparing to open my own shop! well, it's a room in a friend's hair salon
(see some of my pretties waiting at the door for their new home!)

all while trying to make this 70's style rent-house a comfy oasis for my family.

Wanna see pics? I'll show you next time!

Im off to blow my nose!