Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ah - Ah - Ahchooey!

Be warned!

If you are grossed out by mucous... do not continue!!

The flu invaded our home last week and seems to have taken up permanent residence.

It all started with my little man on his first trip in a long time to grandma's.

He had to come home early for some necessary tlc. A few days later my baby girl got sick.
I knew I was doomed the second she sneezed directly in my face....

So they are all better and I am still recovering.... ((yes, I have my pouty face on))

So what have I been up to?? Well... thanks for asking!!!

I have been building my furniture bizz.. which has been buzzing and

preparing to open my own shop! well, it's a room in a friend's hair salon
(see some of my pretties waiting at the door for their new home!)

all while trying to make this 70's style rent-house a comfy oasis for my family.

Wanna see pics? I'll show you next time!

Im off to blow my nose!

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