Thursday, September 30, 2010

Try To Explain, Lucy!!

I apologize if you have felt neglected lately...
But you see, I have a problem... Im a people pleaser *gasp*!!
I dont know how to say no... well, until the other day...
but my saying "no" really didnt go over well. The hurt look on the face of a good-willing,
help-needing soul turns me to mush and I compromised.
So here's a run-down....
Im an officer on the PTO, not because I wanted to be but because I was asked.
Im room-mom, which I volunteered,
but only because my son asked so sweetly that I be his class mom. and who can turn down that sweet little face just wanting his mommy.
I am now teaching AWANAS, on Sunday nights. My guilt of needing to be a willing worker for Christ kept me from being able to say... you got it... N.O.
So on top of all of that I have a business. Yah, I work! I have to remind myself sometimes that I do have a JOB. One that I love very much and dont focus on nearly enough. Oh, and not to mention...
We sold our house last month, moved, and have started building a new house... oh, and I participated in my very first market a few weeks ago which you can read about here, on my friend Mandie's blog. Ya'll... this is seriously some funny stuff! Check it out!
So... someday soon (im not making promises) but I will tell you about the fall festival on October 16, and show you some super cool pics of really large (70,000 lb to be exact) equipment that built our new road and pond.. the foundations of building our new house. Until then... take a minute and check out my new favorite blog. Velvet & Linen.

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