Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proudest Mommy Moment Ever!

Today has been one of those days....
I almost had my head taken off by a 7 year old grizzly bear who didnt want to go to school this morning. I have a 3 year old drama queen who isn't feeling quite up to par. It was raining all day, and I had to sit with a health insurance agent for about 2 1/2 hours preparing for a phone interview to obtain private health insurance for my family.. which put me late getting my son off the bus and I had to pry him away from video games with our neighbor friends to come home and do crummy homework. Only to learn he had been bullied on the school bus. Thank goodness I have a wonderful neighbor, with precious girls who looked after him on the bus.
Que the squealing of tires as I put a big pause on EVERYTHING!
What!?! Somebody's been picking on my baby??? Thats right... every parents worst fear. So the name calling started, the bullying and bossing went on and the tears on his face started flowing.
My first thought is anger. Im mad and I want payback... and I will be driving him to school in the morning and having a talk with the principle about it.. but what really got me was the conversation I had with him this evening. After we got home he had a really hard time getting his homework finished, he forgot his agenda at school (which I had to ground him for) and he ended up getting sent to his room. After we both calmed down I laid down beside him and we whispered under the covers for a very long time.
I asked about his favorite part of the day (which was a game they played in p.e.) and he told me about who he plays with on the playground. He kept trying to think of a funny name he calls his friends... i try to help.. homie? dude? compadre? he giggled but these were all wrong.. then he remembers!! diplomat! wait.. no.. discipline!... then it hits me.. he's thinking of disciple.
YES! disciple!! Thats what I call my friends! So I asked him if he knew what a disciple was.. then we talked about people in other countries who are not allowed to be christians. He couldnt believe it! He said that's so sad mommy.
I also told him that's why we shouldn't bully. He told me "I know mommy, because kids are special, they are a gift from God." oh dear.. then he was wiping my tears away. I just couldnt believe the words coming out of my lil man's mouth. We said our night time prayer... I said thank you for this beautiful day (the rain was a gift, right?) and thankyou for my little man's friends, his circle of angels that HE has placed around him to protect him and keep him safe. Dylan held me very tight, we both had tears, and he told me thank you.
My pastor has been doing a series of lessons that touch on God's plan for us. That he puts us under fire sometimes to make HUGE things happen. I think that day was meant for me and my lil man to have that very conversation... and to remind me to forgive....

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