Thursday, January 27, 2011

The One and Only Day I Stripped!

Oh... get your head out of the gutter. Im a lady! ;)

but I did try my hand at stripping once...AND ONLY ONCE!!!!!


Not pretty is it?

but it's my own fault really...

My bestie Kaci text me a pic one day of this great chester that would go perfect in the new hallway in her new addition.

Can you refinish it? Is it worth it? Should I get it?

SURE! Looks great! Simple lines, a coat of paint, no biggie!!

geez louise!!! I'm from the south ya'll.. we talk like that)


I slapped some 50 grit paper on my handy mandy sander and went to work... and the pads kept gumming up.. (I swear the previous owner put a coat of gorilla glue on here just for cracks! )

So I decided to try stripping.. 1st coat....

Coat # ummm.. well.. the entire jug later.. we're almost there, right?

two days of scraping later..... I think I see wood somewhere under that funky junk.and the big reveal... (drum roll please!)

Can you believe this beautiful chest was underneath all of that???

Was all that work worth it?? oh yah baby!

So here it is... happy as a lark... in it's beautiful new home.

every beauty deserves a close up!!!
We chose a beautiful seafoamish, blue-ish, green-ish for the exterior and cream for the drawer fronts. Glazed and distressed to perfection! love her!

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