Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Im like the weather in Texas

I run the heater at night, the a/c during the day, and need an umbrella in the evening...
That's Texas weather {in case you're not familiar}
Im a little like that..I just can't make up my mind! You may have noticed if you check my blog regularly, that everyday the background has been different. I just cant help myself! There's so many cute things! Right now Im glued to Shabby Blogs website at http://www.shabbyblogs.com/ and today's featured background is Little Miss Sunshine, by Corina Nielson. How can you not smile when you see this background, right!?! The problem is... it doesnt match my button..but if you don't mind, I dont either! ;)

Any~who! I really do more than sit and play on my blog all day. I got out really super early this morning and spray painted my mirror before these crazy south Texas winds started blowing.

Its a big gold mirror Ive had above {my now favorite} console. They matched perfectly, but I cant have a gold mirror above a beautifully distressed aqua console, now can I?

So I'll give you a sneak peak..but Im not doing the big reveal until later {because Im not finished, hee hee}

I taped paper to cover the parts I didnt want white, and when I pulled off the tape wah-lah!
Look at that pretty blue sky!

Now it isn't perfect. I got some stray pieces of grass in it, and a pair of cricket legs {may he rest in piece}, but I feel confident some light sanding and a coat of glaze will erase all imperfections!
Wish me luck!
Oh and the other really important thing I did today!

I got to hold this precious lil thang!
Welcome Tucker Deen Kreuzer
born May 6, 2010 2:57 pm 7lbs 15 oz 21 in.

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