Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flip Offs

5-28-10 Edition

Its Friday Flip~Off time again and for those of you who are not familiar this is a fun blog-hop started by Gigi at Kludgymom but I first linked up thanks to Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess. This is an opportunity for us to virtually "flip-off" all the great annoyances of our week so we may enter our weekend refreshed. When you are thru listening to my rants check out these fab chicas and our other blog friends who have linked up and joined in on the fun!

To the viral infection that made my favorite little boy run 107 fever, lose feeling in his legs and completely freak out his mom and dad ~ flip off!!!!!

To the ER at Texas Children's for making us wait 7 hours before we could see a doctor ~ FLIP-OFF!

To all the idiots clogging the waiting room with ankle sprains and c0njuctivitis of the eyes~ super duper FLIP-OFFS!!!!!!!!

To the mosquitos that just sucked my face off ~ FLIP-OFF!

To the 190 degree temps and 3,000% humidity in south east Texas, I will never ever get used to your torturous heat! ~ FLIP-OFF!

To the parents of the 18 month old encouraged by you to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day (did you see that all over the news!?! if not google it NOW!) I do not for-see a mom-of-the-year award any where in your new future ~ FLIP-OFF!

hmmm... I think thats about it! Atleast til next Friday ;)


  1. oh gosh, flip off 107 fever...that must have been horrible!! my son had a seizure once from a high fever....soooo scary! hope all is well w/ him!

  2. Wow. How scary for your kid to have that high of a fever- I can only imagine. And what is this about a baby smoking?? I must go google that now. Great flips. See ya next week. Oh, and thanks for the link up!!

  3. Stopping by from SITS...too funny! Love the blog!