Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updates and Visions of Red, White & Blue

I have had several requests for 2 updates..The first one being my snails. Thank you for asking, but Gary, Gary, and Gary are doing well. They have about 20 new earth worm friends who are helping to keep their soil nice and clean and they seem very happy. Their favorite food still is the lettuce...though I try to encourage them to try new things.

The other update is on Corby, the little boy in the 4-wheeler accident. I am so happy to say once again...God. is. GOOD! and HE. answers. prayer.!!! He is talking, and eating, and smiling. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and I want to give a shout-out to the elementary school for helping me coordinate with the students get-well cards. They are being delivered tonight and I just know he will be so surprised!

Visions of sugar-plums...oh no, wait, Christmas is over.... hmm... red, white, and blue!!! are dancing in my head!! Dontcha just love 4th of July! I do for several reasons... the proud feeling I get when I see the fireworks popping way above my children's heads..their amazement and excitement at all the colors... the talks with them about how lucky we are to live in America... and best of all.. My birthday is only 12 days after that!!! hahahah {don't forget! I expect presents..go on.. mark your calendar NOW! I'll wait}

okay, you're back...

So I just wanted to let ya'll know I am taking orders for 4th of July tutu's!! Starting....1, 2, 3, NOW! So hurry and order while you can!

These come in all kids sizes, varieties, and colors (as long as they are red, white, and!) I can bling them, pixie cut them, layer them, or make a tutu halter dress, or we can get crazy and do all mentioned in one!! Just message me with what you got in mind and I will make it happen! {Im wiggling my nose} laters!

I am cracking up at this pic! Look at the dog!

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