Friday, May 21, 2010


I have fallen down on my job!!! This was just one of those weeks where I was head bobbing passed out on the couch at 9:00! I got a million projects going on at once and I absolutely love it!!!! BUT it has left me NO time to blog {and I gotta wash laundry at some point before we get lost in it!} So sorry! Ive even created and sold several things and NO pics!! ugh!
Got good news! My tutu's are now being featured in Arlette's! A local hair salon with the sweetest owner {you guessed it! her name is Arlette}. So that gives me something new to focus on.. I get super bored..easily!
And {yes, i just started a sentence with and!} I had the BEST day Tuesday. I volunteered at our high school for Speed Day... a local fun day for our special education students and 11 other schools joined in on the fun! It was a HUGE success and hands down one of the most fulfilling things Ive done! I had the privilege of watching a blind boy with only 2 fingers play the star spangled banner for the opening ceremony. I got so many hugs and thank yous. So on to an eventful weekend! I will try to have pics for ya'll soon!

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