Friday, May 21, 2010

Flip-Off Fridays

o.k. Just saw this over on one of my new blog friends (A Beautiful Mess - thank you Alicia!) pages and Its just too "flippin" funny not to do!
The idea is to virtually flip off all the annoyances of the week, get everything off your chest and start fresh for the weekend!

Gotta admit I had a gosh darn good week {knocking on wood}
But darn you government agency that is making it difficult for me to sell my house because companies who are no longer in business didnt properly file title work when I bought it!! Darn you for giving me the run-around and getting angry when I out-argue you and you run out of excuses! and darn you cordless phones for making the angry hung-up alot less dramatic since I cant slam the phone down in their ear...the beep when I push the talk button does not make me feel tough!! So FLIP off!!!

There! I do feel much better! Whew! ;)


  1. True! Cordless phones do take all the fun out of a "screw you" hang up!

  2. So glad you decided to play along. Those were great. The cordless phone one was clever. And I'm sure you do feel better now. It always amazes me how I never come up short for writing material. Hope you'll be joining up next week too. Pay attention to those festering annoyances better. Haha.

  3. We should flip off nodern conveniences like the cordless phone for taking away the fun and satisfaction of slamming the phone on an annoying call.

    Join in next week for more fun. I'm sure life will throw at least a couple of things your way that are flip worthy.

    Stop by our blog on Sunday and link up on our blog hop. We're donating $1 to Mission Monkey for every blog that links up.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Shelley,
    Stopping over from the Friday Flip Off, I'm loving it too! Glad you are playing along.
    Love your profile badge with your daughter in the tu-tu...darling!

  5. Thanks everyone! Dania - great info! I will link up on Friday.
    Christina, thanks! I did a post with her pics. She is such a natural and is fun to take pics of!