Friday, April 2, 2010

An ode to my daddy

My daddy officially retired this past Wednesday, and I couldn't be more excited! After all, he is the handiest man I know and he now has ALOT of time on his hands to help me with projects. Before you start boo-ing me I have to put the blame on my own mother. She is a little nervous about having him home all the time now, so I told her I would keep him busy (really! Its completely selfless) and what better way than to enlist his help in building a tree house for the kids! So if ya see him, let him know Im waiting. :)
But before we get to the post retirement projects we need to celebrate! So a party is in the works! Actually its this weekend... a fun-filled weekend with retirement activities and Easter Sunday celebrations. (I promised the kids that I talked to the Easter Bunny already to let him know where we would be for the weekend.) So I thought I would share with you a few of the things I did to prepare...
The theme of the party is fishing, my dad's favorite past-time. So here are the invites I sent out.

The inside of the card says, That's Why Im Retiring! with a poem I wrote...
Come join us to celebrate
He's almost done
Good friends and a fish fry
Guaranteed to be fun!
Our dad is retiring
It's his special day!
Please join us for a party
to ring it in the right way.
So you guessed it... We are having a fish fry. For a gift, we got him a gift card to Academy and I made him this sign to hang out when they go camping.

And a banner...

Congratulations Daddy! You deserve it and all the relaxation and fun in this next chapter of your life! I love you!

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