Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't rain on my parade!

Have I told ya'll (I can say that cause I live in Texas) that I have the most awesomest friends in this whole big wide world? Well I do... and I went garage sell shoppin' with two of them and the little general today. We planned it days in advance with a print-out of addresses from our local online yard sell site in hopes of scoring a fabulous treasure. Yes, you guessed it... woke up to rain. But this anxious bunch headed out anyway! The first one we came to wasn't a yard sale at was an antique shop we never knew existed and peeking through the window was really exciting! I saw tons of chandeliers, an antique armoir, a pretty coffee... but that's as far as we got..the darn place never opened its doors. We looked like that it Marshall's? Mervyn's? Open! Open! Open!
But this crew had high hopes and off we went to the next place....yah, nothing. And the next place, nothing. Guess the rain scared 'em all off. We did find one cheerful group open for business. They gave the little general two stuffed ponies and I bought a small picture frame for .25. isnt she cute?
We soon ran through our list with no luck when we received a call from some friends who were scoring big time at The Gap. Since we had no idea where we were by this time we searched the GPS for a Gap near us. I went to shopping...then apparel...when Gap popped up and I selected it. A left turn here, a right turn there, go around that curve....on and on thru neighborhood after neighborhood when we finally arrived!!
yep! a dead end street! I was tempted to get out and ask that man mowing if his name happened to be gap! So we decided we just werent meant to do any serious shopping... After laughing til our stomachs hurt we sat down for a yummy lunch and headed home.

These were special requested gifts for my friend Brandy who after having their home destroyed in hurricane Ike over a year ago they are finally settled in their new home. It pleases me to no end to be able to contribute in this small way to help make your house start to feel more like a home. I wish you the best! May your children's laughs echo and blessings flow abundantly in your new home!

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