Monday, April 5, 2010

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet

Its 11:00 at night and the hubby, the little general {her grandfather nicknamed her that because of her tendency to run the show or atleast that is the nice way of putting it}, and my little man are all fast asleep... This is the second day of Mission Bedtime Routine and I am happy to report it is all going amazingly well. Those of you who know me, know that we havent slept in 7 years. I hear that's what boys do.. he refuses to sleep, he is rowdy and loud, and he eats more than his father and I and the horses in the pasture combined... Oh, but Mission Bedtime Routine means the t.v. goes off at 9:00. I know this may seem late for a 7 year old but he can fight his sleep like nothing Ive ever seen. Not only is that a huge deal but until very recently he slept with his daddy and I. Yes, we had a family bed. Atleast until his little feet suddenly werent so little anymore and his little legs are almost as long as mine. These dont feel so good in my back anymore.. So I pitched a hissy and got my way! {Are you figuring out where the little general gets her assertiveness from?}
With this Mission under way I was able to go to bed early last night and get all rested up from our eventful weekend which went absolutely perfectly! My dad loved his party and all his surprises and we had the best easter morning a mommy could ask for. We also have 3 new additions to our family..{did you read my bio about all the critters that come home?} While hunting easter eggs the kids found snails. They're just your common garden variety snails...but these suckers {no pun intended ;}} are huge! Their names are Gary 1, 2, and 3..after Spongebob's pet snail.
Anyhow... since I got all rested up last night Im up late doing what I love... eating the kids easter candy. I feel like a criminal opening the wrappers very slowly because I know the rustle of a candy wrapper will wake my light sleepers! shhh...dont tell them!
Oh! And the other thing I love! Crafting of course!
Let me know if you see something you like... the gerber daisy's are on ribbon wrapped alligator clips with a precious button center. These are $5.00
The cream and brown Ranunculus flower has a sage center and is set on a ribbon wrapped alligator clip. This one is $6.50.
This wipes clutch is a denim colored fabric wrapped in lime ribbon with a gorgeous vintage lace ribbon detail and coordinating lime button. Ive named this particular clutch Kaci after my inspiration behind it. It is $8.50. Comes with wipes. Great for carrying in your purse or car and perfect pencil storage when wipes are no longer necessary!
If you subscribe and become a follower to my blog you will receive a $1.50 off any of these including the "sweet treats" further down or 10%off a tutu or diaper cake. Convo me below. Thx..and g'night!


  1. shelly.....random thing!!! i want a copy of the ten commandments in a frame....something with a black frame to go at the end of my hall. you know, the hall that leads to the bedrooms!! if you come up with a cool idea, let me know. i saw one, (kinda rustic looking) at lifeway christian stores, but it was 315.00! yes! dollars! i loved it though, just can't spend that kind of money on framed art. soooooo.....think girl!!! i know you can come up with something super awesome! oh....the one i saw had the commandments written on the stone tablets...but i am open to anything! you know know my house!

    thanks! love ya!!

  2. absolutely Michelle! I have an idea...and I'll see what I can come up with. I think that would be just precious at the end of the hall.