Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mom Behind the Madness

Hi! Im Shelly...and Im a craft-a-holic. I love all things old, upcycled, distressed, and baby (not in that particular order). I believe that women should be able to enjoy "pretties" without breaking the bank. I started crafting about 4 years ago when my good friend had her first child, a girl! I instantly became obsessed with all things girl...(Im sorry, my son, but boy stuff just wasnt as inspiring...and who knew I would love crafting!?!) But the obsession went into over-drive after becoming a mom for the 2nd time to my beautiful baby girl..Evvy Grace, to whom this blog is named after.
I went to boutique after boutique all the way from Beaumont to Corpus searching for the latest and greatest and realized...I CAN DO THAT! So I bought my first glue gun (yes, my first one EVER at the prime age of 23) and every crystal that Hobby Lobby had in stock and got busy! First I blinged shoes, then wipes cases, then bags! Then I fell in love with ribbon.. oh yes! Lots and lots of ribbon!! Plain ribbon, flower-dy ribbon, ribbon with stitches, ribbon with animal prints, ribbon with Cinderella, ribbon ka-bobs, fried ribbon .... oh sorry! I got off track! Point is... I HEART RIBBON! And now! Finally! I have a cricut... sorry ribbon, you have been set aside for my grand new collection of card stock and decorative paper. I may or may not have sat down one after noon for about 3 hours just to pre-cut and sort all my pretty paper into 6x6 strips which fit my mat perfectly.
So now, after all these years I am going to become extremely vulnerable and share all my pretties with all of you. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you do! ;)

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